Serenity, beauty, comfort and relaxation are the ways Los Arcos connect clients to a simpler, more beautiful world.

When you arrive at a Los Arcos, you can immediately sense a change in the atmosphere. Our philosophy is to provide customer service that goes beyond the norm to envelop them in comfort and relaxation and to provide venues that perfectly suit their special events needs.

With this in mind, we are committed to continuous growth and development in our facilities and staff.


Los Arcos aims to be the events venue of choice in the nearby cities of San Jose Del Monte and the best alternative out of town venue for Metro Manila clients. Los Arcos De Hermano Party Venues and Resort developed to be the best alternative to existing resorts and events venues in Bulacan. Its entire 4 hectares of lot located in the lush greens of Paradise Farms in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan was creatively designed to meet the needs of those who want to have a renewed experience with nature but still enjoy the modern technology.